For Publishers, Advertisers & Brands

Your programmatic activity in one place.

Manage your Deals, Open Auction, Partners and Teammates in a collaborative Workspace.

Token Features

Real-time partners syncing

Add your different partners, SSP, DSP in a Connect space to manage and unify your programmatic advertising activity.

Connected by APIs, get your advertising activity in Real Time using a minimalist and intuitive dashboard.

Publisher and Advertiser, work in a collaborative environment. We correlate Workspaces regarding your added Partners ID.

A collaborative Workspace

Bring all your team together in one workspace and stay up to date on their work.

We share the same advertising data to related Publishers and Advertisers, with an impartial position.

Reduce loss of data information with partners, thanks to a synchronized platform. Bring more transparencies to your advertising activity.

No bidder, just management.

Managing features, made for advertising, focused on UX/UI.

Token Features
Token Features

Built For The Management, Traders and Sales

Deal Exchange

Discover the first automated programmatic advertising platform for Buyers and Publishers. Unify your Deals setup and statistics multi-SSP, within an unique and equal view.

All your deals in one up-to-date & automated table.

Optimized for the best management experience.

Automatically shared to related Publishers & Advertisers workspace'.

Uniform numbers and performance statistics to associated teams.

Token Features
Advisors and Investors


Your Workspace evolves with you

Manadge match with your needs, your activity and history.
The more you work on the platform, the more the platform adapt to you, recommand you PMPs or optimizations.

Their is no other interface like yours, keep it unique by working on it.

The Press //

Advisors and Investors
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Build your own now

Start your own Workspace and upload your data in two 2 clics.

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